SDGs & Sustainable Strategies

SDGs and Sustainability Strategy

MetaAge answers to the UN SDGs and connects with international ESG dynamics while consolidating ESG as part of its corporate governance, information security, employee development, human right protection, environmental protection, and charity events on the basis of its core business and proactively addresses the expectations of respective stakeholders and the general public.

As a world-known dealer, MetaAge steadily pursuits support and trust from its customers and manufacturers. With the constant expansion in the application of technology products, we will continue to provide higher quality products and technical services. We will screen and obtain dealership of outstanding international brands, optimize our solutions, add professionalism and attainments to our service representatives, and constantly enhance various corporate ESG deeds to assure our customers and to make MetaAge one of the most trust-worthy brand dealers.

On the four sustainability visions, namely, accountable governance, smart future, digital talent, and green operation, we are reinforcing corporate governance, advancing smart solutions, and continuing with talent nurturing to have digital professionals ready to meet future demand in society. While securing sustainable corporate operations, we are hoping to also contribute to society and to prosper and become better together with society.

MetaAge,for the sake of examining its owncapability to cope with climate-related risks, also develops remission and adaptation strategies reflective of the potential impacts of climate change on the Company’s finance according to the TCFD framework in order to strengthen the resilience ofthe Company in the face of climate-related risks andmarch towards the goal ofnet zero emissions by 2050 in Taiwan.

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