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AI-assisted talent selection to save 50% of operational time

In 2020, COVID-19 broke out and swept across the globe, and until mid-2021, the world was still combating the virus. In response to the changes in work style as a result of the pandemic, working remotely and in shifts, as well as the hybrid model as a compromise, have accelerated the digital transformation of many companies. The survey by Willis Towers Watson (WTW), a world-leading advisory company, shows that employee experience has become more important in the post-pandemic era, and 92% of respondents, 42% up from the previous survey, emphasized more on employee experience. According to Benjamin Chou, Talent & Rewards Consulting VP of WTW, it is necessary for companies to think outside the box. While flexible working will become a new normal and even a new corporate competitive strength, how to help company officers to lead the reform in the aid of technology will be the key to future success for solution providers.

MetaAge, a leader in ICT solutions, has made impressive achievements in applying the most sought-after AI technology to talent recruitment. According to MetaAge CHRO ShouYo Yang, it usually took two days for companies to screen applicant CVs in the past; now, with AI, it takes only 10 minutes. This means that an applicant may receive an interview notice within 10 minutes after submitting their CV. It is so efficient because the human resources unit has digitized the description of all jobs and the data of past employees and constructed different models. Then, model screening is implemented through AI’s data learning ability. Take MetaAge for example, it has created over 300 models and selected the best one for verification. It has also constructed the talent models of competitors for comparative study. Through constant system optimization, AI can select talent more accurately. Then, an online interview process follows. During the level 3 lockdown, MetaAge conducted over 100 online interviews, saving 50% of time compared to the past. In the past it took two days to screen CVs before arranging interviews.

By integrating AI talent selection and online interviews, everything can be done within 48 hours, including accurate talent selection, interview completion, and offer confirmation. For applicants (potential future employees), this is even more of a highly-efficient, smooth, and beautiful job application experience.

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MetaAge Strengthens Cloud Application Ecosystems through Technological Innovation

At the general shareholders meeting this year, MetaAge Chairperson Michael Lee told the shareholders, seeing the escalating cloud demand in the post-pandemic era, MetaAge will jump out of the box as a traditional reseller and actively integrate powerful cloud and ground resources to combine with the overall application ecosystem to boost future growth capacity in response to this new economic wave.

Chairperson Lee added, following the expansion of the cloud economy, key tasks will be migrated to the cloud to relieve the pressure on ground IT infrastructure expansion, and companies will accelerate the development of innovative AIoT applications with cloud resources and expand the service territory worldwide. MetaAge will jump out of the box of traditional resellers and actively integrate powerful cloud and on-premises resources to connect with the overall application ecosystem to boost future growth capacity in response to this new economic wave. Besides strengthening the deployment of public and private clouds, MetaAge will further combine the synergy of such leading cloud platforms as AWS, Google, IBM, and Oracle to fulfill all customer demands for cloud services, cloud-ground integration, or cloud application development.

While the demand for digital transformation is escalating in all industries, MetaAge will constantly extend operations and deepen technical services through a product development strategy with four foci: cloud service, AI data analysis, microservice integration, and information security. The Company will also emphasize the deployment of related products and services and establish in-depth linkage to the domain knowhow of different industries. At the end of this April, the Company invested in the high-tech fund Taiwania Capital Buffalo Fund V to reach more startups at home and abroad to stay close to the latest industrial and technological development trends in order to find business opportunities and become the distributor of required products 5–10 years in advance. In the future, MetaAge will continue with lean distribution deployment and investment management to prepare the hardware–software integration tools for digital transformation most needed for cloud computing, digitization, internationalization, and mobilization in the future.

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