Occupational Safety And Health

Occupational Safety envorinment

To build a zero-accident safe workplace, the MetaAge Group has a unit in place to take charge of occupational safety and health management by preparing, planning, supervising, and enforcing safety and health management matters and there is the Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee to make recommendations for and review and coordinate occupational safety and health policies. We also arrange educational trainings on occupational safety and health for both new and active employees.

Occupational Safety Risk Evaluation and Hazard Identification

Among the Top 10 items in the risk assessment performed by the MetaAge Group are a total of 5 items in Risk Group 1 and 5 in Risk Group 2. There are 0 items in Risk Groups 3 through 5. Risk assessments at respective units will be performed again each year and risks in Group 3 and above are included in the “Overview of Action Planned for Risks and Opportunities” for improvement.

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