Economic Performance

MetaAge, an ICT solution provider, is a beneficiary of the power corporate digital transformation and the constantly advanced digital technologies and their applications in all walks of life. MetaAge continues to explore support for its existing cloud platforms and also proactively provides customers with brand new cloud-ground integrated application services now.

The consolidated operating gross profit rate of MetaAge continued to climb in 2021 and arrived at 13%, with earnings per share of NTD 3.07, which is also a record high. The Board of Directors has approved the distribution of 2021 earnings, too. Cash dividends worth NTD 2.5 will be distributed. The distribution rate is 81%. The General Shareholders’ Meeting is scheduled for May 26. The consolidated revenue of MetaAge was NTD 11.953 billion; the consolidated operating gross profit was NTD 487 million; the consolidated net profit before tax was NTD 710 million; and the net profit for the current term that belongs to the owner of the parent company was NTD 578 million, a growth of 5.2% from the preceding year. The earnings per share (EPS) came to NTD 3.07, an increase of NTD 0.16 from the preceding year, where the EPS was NTD 2.91.

An overview of the operational status in 2021 shows a consolidated revenue of NTD 11.953 billion, which was the result of affected order-taking and shipments of the Company given the extended impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the traffic backlog, shortage in materials and workforce, delayed deliveries, customers being conservative or postponing their demand, etc.

Nevertheless, the constantly increase in digital transformation investments in all walks in life enabled MetaAge to continue exploring support for existing cloud platforms and we are also proactively providing customers with brand new cloud-ground integration of related application services now. For the time being, cloud services are reaching out of the cloud framework to retail, education, and marketing to satisfy crossdisciplinary needs on the market. Through the top-down tunnel-type ground-to-cloud complete service chain, technical services continue to gain momentum to focus precisely on corporate demand. The business expansion strategy has been proven to be successful so far, not only in terms of boosting transformation benefits for customers but also in the reflected annual profits.

Since cloud will become popular in the future, to proactively cope with the tendency, MetaAge will invest resources in multiple aspects such as talent development, platform creation, and product integration to hopefully provide the vast distribution partners and corporate users with total solutions and service capabilities and to provide shareholders and customers with values and interests through the most forward-looking industrial deployment.

The operational achievements of MetaAge over the past three years are provided in the table below and details are disclosed under Financial Overview of the Company’s Annual Report. In addition, for the Consolidated Company and the Company only that are included in the Company’s Consolidated Financial Statements, refer to the information disclosed in the Company’s 2021 Financial Statements.

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