Economic Performance

Deepen digital technology application; the consolidated net operating profit rate reached 13.9% in 2022

MetaAge, an ICT solution provider, is a beneficiary of the power corporate digital transformation and the constantly advanced digital technologies and their applications in all walks of life. MetaAge continues to explore support for its existing cloud platforms and also proactively provides customers with brand new cloudground integrated application services now. Under the efforts of the management and the whole staff, the Company rendered a consolidated net operating profit rate of 13.9% in 2022 and it keeps climbing. The Board of Directors also approved the proposal on distribution of 2022 earnings; it is intended to distribute cash dividends of NTD 2 and the distribution rate is up to 91%.

Cloud Service, AI Computing, and Meta Internet continued to exercise influence and maximized value-added service that contributed to growing gross profits

Chairman Chang-Hung Lee of MetaAge indicates that demand on the three mainstream markets for “Cloud Service”, “AI Computing”, and “Meta Internet” is constantly growing. MetaAge, besides continuing to explore dealership for related products in these three major fields, is perfecting value-added service items so that the gross profit rate will continue to stabilize and climb.

Operational landscape continues to expand to take the lead in IT/OT/Cloud/AI

Looking into 2023, MetaAge will continue to target the overall digital transformation trend featuring IT/OT/Cloud/AI integration while creating an intensive integration network and industrial ecosystem consisting of its affiliated service providers, namely “Epic Cloud” for the clouservice, “MetaGuru” for core corporate apps, “AdvancedTEK International Corp.” for the introduction and maintenance of ERP, “DSIGroup” for AI big data consulting service, “Grandsys Incorporation” for AI smart voice service, and the various ISV and vertical suppliers of “METAMatch” in order to satisfy the multi-constructional demand for corporate digital transformation and to also constantly bring about advantages for shareholders.

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