In order to ensure that the operations of MetaAge are compliant with regulatory requirements in respective countries, we pay attention to domestic and international policies and regulatory requirements that may impact the Company's operations and finance on a regular basis and notify respective departments of the latest regulatory requirements to ensure that they are precisely enforced and followed.

Related policies and regulations are defined to meet different regulatory requirements, such as the Fair Trade Act and those on environmental protection, preparation of financial reports, internal control, insider trading, anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, anti-corruption, personal data protection, intellectual property right, and information security protection, etc.


Define the professional ethics policy for employees to follow and provide educational training and communication events to ensure that employees and suppliers honor professional ethics.

Demand that control self assessment (CSA) be done for the management and that internal audits be conducted within the Company’s internal control system and that the implementation status is disclosed in the Annual Report.

Give access to file a complaint about violation of professional ethics and audit and control the various operating procedures in daily business activities that may be at risk of corruption.

Personal Data Protection

When collecting, processing, or using personal data, MetaAge will proceed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Data Protection Act, and the related laws and regulations stipulated for personal data protection by the competent authorities.

If the collection, processing, and utilization of personal data are outsourced to a third party, MetaAge shall obtain consent from customers in advance and the requirements under Article 8 of the Enforcement Rules of Personal Data Protection Act shall be followed to adequately supervise the said third party.

Supply Chain Compliance

MetaAge is also devoted to the principles of international human right conventions such as the RBA Standards and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the essence of social responsibilities, tries to maintain corporate governance properly, and strictly abides by business integrity regulations. Its organization, management, and operation meet the requirements of applicable governmental and international laws and regulations and we are constantly seeking improvements and progress and we educate our employees to help them understand and support the Company while the latter fulfills its corporate social responsibilities. With profits, we also make substantial contributions to society so that the supply chain works in a way better reflective of expectations in society.

Educational Training

MetaAge holds educational trainings Periodic each year to boost employees’ professional ethics and competencies, including internal online courses, external trainings, and legal knowledge workshops. It is hoped that by implementing the “Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct”, it helps fulfill corporate social responsibilities. Training on Employee Code of Conduct 100%.

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