ESG Management

ESG Policy

Based on the laws and regulations of the competent authorities, international global ESG trends, and the requirements of customer and supplier social and environmental responsibilities, we have established the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles” to be followed in policy promotion and implementation. In order to consolidate corporate social responsibilities and to improve the quality of information disclosed, MetaAge divides corporate sustainability topics into eight major ones and manage and disclose the information accordingly, that is, anti-corruption, economic performance and risk management, customer privacy, compliance with socioeconomic laws and regulations, employer-employee relations, evaluation of supplier impacts on society and the environment, occupational safety and health, and greenhouse gas emissions.

ESG Committee

The “ESG Committee” is the unit at MetaAge for promoting corporate sustainable development. The Chairman of the Board of Directors serves as the Chairman of the Committee while the Chief Operating Officer serves as its executive secretary. Under the Committee are several working groups whose operations are compliant with the “Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles". Each working group gathers related issues within its scope of responsibility and includes important issues in the implementation plan and routine operations after assessment and analysis. Then, the Committee will present a report to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

MetaAge Five-year ESG Development Goals

Matrix of Material Sustainability Topics

The ESG Committee of MetaAge sorted out a total of 22 sustainability topics according to the four major steps mentioned above. The ESG Committee, by communicating with stakeholders, prioritized sustainability topics that are important to corporate operations while at the same time concerning stakeholders, evaluated the positive or negative impacts that may result from the 22 sustainability topics, and scored the impact and probability. Refer to the figure below for results of the material sustainability topic matrix analysis. This part will be included in the engagement with technical experts in the future reflective of the demand and the momentum.

Communication with Stakeholders

In order to ensure that during the planning and decision-making of corporate sustainable development, timely communicate with stakeholders, incorporate the major themes concerned by stakeholders into corporate sustainable development, and establish a smooth and transparent response mechanism. MetaAge ​​adopts the "AA 1000 Accountability Principle Standard (AA 1000APS)" and complies with four principles - Inclusivity, Materiality, Responsiveness and Impact to help us identify and respond to sustainability information and increase the rigor of disclosing sustainability information.

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