ESG Achievements


  1. Ninth Corporate Governance Evaluation [Overall Listed] 6%-20%
  2. Ninth Corporate Governance Evaluation [Small-to-Medium Market Value] Top 5%
  3. TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award - Information Technology Service -
    Silver Medal for Report
  4. Honorable mention as total human resources digital transformation solution in the
    “Smart Application Category” of Young Awards
  5. Creation of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
  6. Customer satisfaction scoring over 90% for the fourth year in a row
  7. The first English Sustainability Report is released
  8. Optimization of the English website devoted to ESG


  1. Female to male employee ratio close to 1:1
  2. Female supervisors accounting for 40%
  3. Application of developed RPA (robotic process automation) to HR operations
  4. Introduction of employee shareholding trust
  5. Implementation of flexible working hours
  6. 4-day fully paid leave for newcomers, effective as soon as they report to work
  7. Employees allowed to apply for working from home to suit special needs
  8. Establishment of the digital talent academy
  9. Introduction of the YouTube video entitled -- MetaAge in Progress
  10. Implementation of the corporate internship program, with a total of 6 interns
  11. Employee satisfaction survey for two years in a row
  12. Implementation of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  13. Creation of the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  14. Donation of 117 bags of blood by employees
  15. Donation of NTD 3 million to the BenQ Foundation


  1. Preparation of the Report with reference to the TCFD(Climaterelated Financial Disclosures)
  2. Creation of the ISO 14064-1 Organizational GHG Management System
  3. Introduction of the energy transformation solution by the subsidiary Epic Cloud
  4. Undertaking of Dropbox Sign by the subsidiary Epic Cloud
  5. Utilization of AI tools in fulfillment of paper-less recruitment and hiring
  6. HR digital solution: Automatic archiving of resumes and paperless hiring process
  7. Addition of two energy-saving and carbon reduction measures
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