ESG Achievements


  1. EPS growth over the past 5 years

  2. Customer satisfaction scoring over 90% for the third year in a row

  3. 6%~20% of all listed companies in the 8th Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Evaluation

  4. The top 5% of small and medium-sized companies in the 8th Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Evaluation

  5. Optimization of the English website devoted to ESG

  6. Release of the Sustainability Report prepared in compliance with the GRI Standards

  7. Sustainable Report qualified by third party

  8. Formation of the Risk Management Committee

  9. Preparation of the BCP


  1. AI-assisted talent selection for HR recruitment

  2. Men-to-women ratio of nearly 1:1

  3. Addition of 30 benefits for employees and optimization of environment

  4. First employee satisfaction survey

  5. One employee conference and 3 labor-management meetings

  6. Twelve executive training workshops

  7. Reinforced occupational safety educational training

  8. Addition of AED inside the Company

  9. Donation of 106 bags of blood from employees

  10. 2021 Sponsor the BenQ Culture and Education Foundation to handle charitable activities of NTD 2 million

  11. Donation of gift certificates for Children’s Day charity sale of Stepping Stone, a total of NTD 25,000


  1. RBA Supply Chain Audit 200/200 Medal

  2. Fulfillment of paper-less hiring for the recruitment process applying AI

  3. CDP from D to C

  4. Addition of 3 routine energy conservation and carbon reduction measures

  5. Enhanced anti-pandemic practice with the office to be disinfected on a weekly basis

  6. Colleague joining the local rice sponsorship campaign of the BenQ Foundation, a total of 23 people

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