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Salary, Compensation and Reneration

Since 2020,MetaAge has been increasing its expenditure on salaries and bonuses. The increase each year is fixed at around 15%; the hope is to create a workplace satisfying to and assuring for employees.

In 2022, MetaAge had a total of 455 full-time employees in non-supervisory positions; the total salaries paid out came to NTD 471,255 thousand. We share fruits with our people. Both the mean salary and median salary for fulltime employees in nonmanagerial positions are growing each year.

Retirement System and Implementation Status

To take care of the retirement life of employees and promote sound labor-management relationships, we have adopted the defined contribution plan in accordance with the Labor Pension Act to deposit the contribution into the employee’s special labor pension account at the Bureau of Labor Insurance each month. For employees making voluntary contributions, we will withhold the amount at the voluntary contribution rate from the employee’s monthly salary and deposit it into the employee’s special labor pension account at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

  1. Employees may apply for voluntary retirement under any one of the following circumstances:

    • Having worked for over 15 years and aged 55.
    • Having worked for over 25 years.
    • Having worked for over 10 years and aged 60.
  2. The Company may force employees to retire under any one of the following circumstances:

    • The employee is aged 65.
    • The employee is unable to perform their duties due to disabilities.
    • The Company may apply to the central competent authority for adjustment of the above age requirements for employees engaged in specific jobs with risks or requiring substantial physical strength. However, the age shall not be below 55 years old.
  3. Payment and Standard of Pension:

    • The pension for the service length to which the Labor Standards Act applies has been paid to all qualified employees after reporting to the Ministry of Labor for approval in May 2010 (Approval Letter Fu-Lao-Zi No. 09935829400). Therefore, no further calculation is required.
    • For employees to whom the Labor Pension Act applies, we contribute 6% of the employee’s salary each month to the employee’s special labor pension account at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.
    • The employee’s right to claim pension shall be extinguished when not exercised within five years from the month following the effective date of retirement.

Quality Benefit

For the hard work of employees, MetaAge offers multiple benefits, staff facilities, and staff activities that are better than regulatory criteria so that they can relax and let out stress while not working. The benefits are supported by the revenue and periodic contributions from employee salaries and include staff activities, corporate workshops, festival gift money, club subsidies, travel subsidies, wedding gift money, and intra-departmental luncheons, among others.

MetaAge has a quality welfare system in place to help boost the welfare for and physical and mental wellness of the employees. Meanwhile, we have designed a personalized check-in and check-out system and number of leave days better than the regulatory requirement; it is our hope that employees strike a balance between work and life.

Talent Development

The Company devotes sufficient resources so that newcomers fully understand the corporate background and the professional knowledge required in the workplace and provides employees with diversified courses and workshops. Meanwhile, employees are entitled to increased trainings as they climb up the career ladder in order to increase their corresponding trains of thought and implementation capabilities.

By providing our people with encompassing development resources, we hope to further enrich and smooth enlearning and development of employees.

Corporate Internship Program

MetaAge has a diversified corporate culture . We expect talent of different learning backgrounds to join our internship program. Currently, 6 interns have success fully completed their internship program in fields.such as ESG, MIS, and Marcom.

Training course

Besides arranging a complete new employee training system and designing training courses for development of different competencies, we also organize management practice workshops for specific staff and develop training courses for engineers to build work-related skills. Additionally, employees can acquire new knowledge through external sources, including external training for professional licenses/certificates, sharing of industry information with external professionals, and talks on new knowledge in life and public interest.

Cloud Training

MetaAge takes advantage of the features of its products to turn the platform for employee educational training programs smart, lighten the contents, and enable learning on the go. The cloud training portal and the AI world cloud and auxiliary platform, for example, greatly improve the learning and working efficiency of employees and fulfill the diversified career development needs of many employees; employees can log onto the cloud training platform to learn online at any time.

The MetaAge Group values employee training and development. Among the 2022 newcomer educational trainings, 154 newcomers in total completed general educational trainings that consist of 1,694 hours in total.

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