Environmental Sustainability

Electricity and Water Consumption and Total Weight of General Industrial Waste

In order to promote environmental protection, energy conservation, and carbon reduction in offices, MetaAge did an inventory check of the consumption of resources such as electricity, water, and paper and defined its reduction goals based on the findings.

  • Electricity: With 2022 as the baseline, the annual goal of reducing electricity consumption by 1% per capita was defined.
  • Water: A reseller, MetaAge does not have a factory or a manufacturing process. All the water consumed is supplied by the Taiwan Water Corporation. MetaAge also did a Group-wide inventory check for the first time on water consumption in 2022 and set an annual goal of reducing water consumption by 1% per capita.
  • Paper: General business waste is centrally handled and destroyed by the Building Management Committee and it is impossible to get the actual weight. As such, only the weight of the paper involved in the documents destroyed by MetaAge (Taipei) was obtained and the annual goal of reducing paper consumption by 1% per capita was set.

GHG Inventory Check

To meet the goal of net zero emissions by 2050, MetaAge began to refer to the criteria set in ISO 14064-1 for organizational GHG inventory checks in 2022 and did inventory checks of Category 1 and Category 2 GHGs and also part of Categories 3, 4, and 5, namely, respectively, employee commuting, fuels, and energy production and transport and related investment activities.


Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Measures

Digital Solution

  • Enforce paperless HR recruitment and hiring process.

  • Use e-forms and the e-approval process to reduce paper consumption.

Energy Conservation Measures

  • Set office air conditioner temperature to 25–26 °C and periodically maintain air conditioning equipment to ensure high-efficiency operation to save energy.

  • Encourage employees to take the stairs to promote health and reduce elevator occupation rate at rush hours.

  • Turn off office lighting at the lunch break (12:00–13:15) every day.

  • Use e-forms and the e-approval process to reduce paper consumption.

Management at the Source

  • Use energy-efficient lighting fixtures for fire equipment, evacuation, and emergency exit signs.

  • Replace traditional T8 fluorescent lamps with LED lamps.

  • Use eco-friendly and energy-efficient water foundations to reduce electricity consumption.

  • Hold virtual meetings to reduce energy consumption from personnel transportation.

  • Replace sensor taps (faucets) and automatic sensor urinal valves in lavatories to reduce water consumption.

Awareness Education

  • Enhance awareness education of turning off unnecessary power sources and computer peripherals.

  • Encourage employees to reuse used paper for non-confidential documents.

Substantial Risks and Opportunities Associated with Climate Change

Based on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), MetaAge discloses related information covering four major scopes, namely governance, strategy, risk management, indicators and goals, and identify material risks facing the Company at the same time.

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