Best Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


The global trend of digitization urges enterprises to build more IT systems to optimize the management of production lin

New IBM LinuxONE Express: Tailored for Users through Constant Evolution and Innovation


For many people, IBM is almost synonymous with mainframe computers. IBM has recently launched the newest generation of

Building Omnipresent Defense with New-Style Information Security to Establish Security Barriers for Enterprise Digital Transformation


Author: Rick Su  (Cisco Secure Product Manager, MetaAge Technologies)   “Digital transformation” has become an unstopp

Document Understanding in Robotic Process Automation


In the early days, documents and images were delivered by means of paper. Following the rise of email and word processor

About the JarviX Optimization Loop


JarviX, the augmented analytics and business intelligence platform of Synergies, has recently become very popular in Tai

What are the current trends? About Passive Optical Networks (PON)


What is a passive optical network? A passive optical network (PON) is an optical network with one-to-multiple connecti

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