Pure Storage Classroom: What is QLC?


Storage at a glance What is QLC? QLC is a capacity optimization technology that can increase the capacity of NAND fl

Visualization and Convenience with New SonicWall SonicOSX 7.0


The SonicOS or SonicOSX architecture is at the core of the SonicWall physical and virtual firewalls (including the TZ, N

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform


I.    Introduction:To support different e-commerce platforms (B2B and B2C) and respond in real time to rapidly changing

Pure Storage Classroom: What Are Containers?


Containers are a form of cloud technology that packages software in a virtual container for building an independent envi

Pure Storage Classroom: What Is File Storage?


Storage at a glance What is file storage? Fire storage is a data storage device that provides each file with a uniqu

Exposing Information Security Vulnerabilities with Cisco Talos


Looking back at 2020, it was an unsettling year in terms of information security. Particularly, ransomware that attacked

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