AWS CodePipeline Introduction


What is CI/CD?In a fast developing cycle, keep approving result each time in order to develop a product that meet the re

Amazon Monitron helps factories quickly build predictive maintenance mechanisms


As we all know “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, any unknown factor could cause unpredictable loss. Especially

SYSAGE Services for AWS Bring Benefits to Enterprises


Accelerating digital transformation MetaAge shares knowhow, skills, and solutions in AWS cloud resource building to he

From DNS Protection to SASE, Cisco Umbrella Helps Build a Secure Digital Journey


Speaking frankly, information security is never an easy job because of its widespread coverage that includes networks, s

Best Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


The global trend of digitization urges enterprises to build more IT systems to optimize the management of production lin

New IBM LinuxONE Express: Tailored for Users through Constant Evolution and Innovation


For many people, IBM is almost synonymous with mainframe computers. IBM has recently launched the newest generation of

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