Best Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


The global trend of digitization urges enterprises to build more IT systems to optimize the management of production lines, logistics, cash flows, stocks, and transactions in order to provide internal and external users with more efficient and higher-standard services and experience and thereby win the trust of customers to make a brilliant sales performance.

Under these circumstances, the stability, continuity, and availability of IT systems are exceptionally important, because they are the key to operational success. For this reason, enterprises are making all efforts to maintain the quality of system operation. However, the current digitized environment has many more channels for hacker intrusions or ransomware attacks, and enterprise IT officers must face tremendous tests and challenges. If they are under cyberattack, besides affecting the performance and quality of IT systems, the attacks will also impact the operations of enterprises. Hence, besides building a strong defense line of information security, enterprises must also be devoted to meeting the demands for disaster recovery (DR).

As it was costly to build a DR environment in the past, enterprises often chose to give up. With the rise of public clouds, enterprises can now build a DR site outside the local data center in the cloud, enabling more enterprises to finish the final piece of the DR puzzle through cloud computing. Besides having greater flexibility for charging fees, public clouds allow users to change and adjust system specifications on demand based on varying needs. More importantly, users no longer need to make huge investment in software, hardware, utilities, and other data center expenses at one time. Public clouds are like a smooth shortcut to DR to raise the ROI of system architectures to new historical heights, thereby attracting more and more enterprises.

Building a DR environment with Oracle Cloud

▲ Building a DR environment with Oracle Cloud

Among all major public clouds, Oracle Cloud is doubtlessly the ideal platform for enterprises to realize their DR plans, because enterprises can enjoy various exclusive benefits when building a DR environment with Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

First, Oracle Cloud provides complete options of cloud services including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for enterprises to enjoy one-stop shopping. Second, Oracle Cloud offers the “Free Transfer for the First 10 TB Each Month” policy, which is the highest limit in the industry.

Oracle Cloud is known as the only public cloud in the industry to provide Oracle DB Cloud services with built-in “Oracle for Enterprise” functions. In addition, its IaaS cloud services are characterized by high stability and low costs with the highest price-performance ratio in the industry. Besides the public cloud service, it also provides a Cloud@Customer option which is also a first in the industry.

MetaAge, the best ICT solution provider, is promoting the Oracle Cloud public cloud services to provide enterprises with complete services that cover cost finding, architecture planning, system testing and building. Therefore, enterprises interested in building a DR environment with Oracle Cloud can feel free to contact MetaAge for more information.


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