Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The company focuses on team works, puts an end to parochialism; and obeys the principle of honesty and credibility, and upholds a proactive, serious, and responsible attitude, and we do not accept corrupt and unethical means to incur losses of goodwill and related parties, being responsible for shareholders and society.

The company has established a " Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Employees" to understand and follow the rules, and establish a channel for stakeholders to report corruption and illegal activities, which are verified under an independent investigation system.

  • Personal Information and disclosure on the reporting system you provide shall be confidential in accordance with the laws, and use for investigation of relevant reporting matters.

  • If Your report has proved to be malicious or untrue, you shall bear the legal liability responsibility.

  • Please be sure to provide relevant information and documents to facilitate the investigation.


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