Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The company has 7 directors (including 3 independent directors), with a term of 3 years, and concentrates on the diversification of the board of directors. Based on the professional background and working fields, the company selects the directors with capabilities of business management, leadership decision-making, and industry experience (finance, international markets, IT Industry, accounting practice), professional abilities (information technology, accounting), in order to implement the company's policy of diversity for the composition of the Board of Directors.

Please refer to the important company rules and regulations on the company's website for corporate governance best practice principles. The directors selected by the company perform their duties in accordance with requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and the Company's Act, protect the rights and interests of the company and shareholders, make prudential assessments and decisions on the company's business strategies and policies, and enhance the firm's performance for protecting shareholders' rights and interests.

Board Members

The situation of taking Diversity of the Board of Directors goes as follows:

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