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By MetaAge ST630 AWS Solution Architect Harry Chen


This article will introduce how the MetaAge MSP team assists MetaGuru in enhancing digital resilience for HRM and BPM systems. It will be utilizing mature AWS cloud services to provide enterprise users with the best experience and convenience. MetaAge has a professional team of architects and operation teams and offering customers systematic cloud integration planning services. From cloud environment setup to further hosting and maintenance, fulfilling multi-faceted needs in one stop, becoming the best cloud consultant for enterprise partners.

Over the past few years, with the increase in cyber-attacks and global issues such as wars and pandemics. There has been a significant impact on the world which has also accelerated the pace of digital transformation across various industries. In 2023, MetaGuru officially joined MetaAge to integrating the experience of both parties over the years which accelerated the transformation and development of MetaGuru.

MetaGuru is an IT technology and solution provider in the Greater China region, offering enterprise application solutions like BPM, HCM, SRM, MES with high flexibility and modular services to build core applications for enterprises. Currently, over three thousand companies are using MetaGuru's products spanning across ten major industries and top 100 enterprises in the region. MetaGuru's HRM and BPM systems can provide innovative application extensions. And effectively enhancing the four major segments of enterprise operations like human resources, processes, documents, messages, etc.

The first step in digital transformation is to move the HRM and BPM systems of enterprises to the cloud:

The HRM system provides enterprises with efficient organizational management, an intuitive operation interface, support for various forms, complete attendance records, operational decision-making support and more.

While ensuring compliance with international information security standards. Supporting all-round mobile devices and can be adjusted according to legislative standards. These customer-centric features along with 23 years of implementation experience enable customers to save over 60% on manpower.

The BPM system will redefine enterprise processes bringing more agile and efficient management including supply chain management, R&D management, business management, financial management, strategic HR management, etc. Enterprises will obtain a comprehensive approval toolbox, supporting various process paths to helping enterprises to catch the wave of information management.

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Why choose Amazon Web Services AWS ?

Cloud technology is the best partner for enterprise digital transformation. Amazon Web Services (AWS) possesses the following characteristics that can help enterprises strengthen digital resilience during the transformation process:

1. Better Agility

Many enterprises no longer see expanding existing IT infrastructure or building their own data centers as a solution. In contrast, cloud solutions offer more flexibility and agility making them the preferred choice for digital transformation. On AWS, enterprises can quickly access the appropriate resources as needed allowing for on-demand use. This also enables immediate resource scaling in the event of disasters to reducing service downtime and even allows for cross-country and cross-region resource migration to respond to disasters. The high flexibility also enables customers to upgrade to the latest software applications or new models at any time. MetaGuru's HRM and BPM systems run on AWS EC2 and RDS which can obtain resources from AWS's global infrastructure in a very short time. Under cloud agility features can easily expand to successfully solve the problem of difficult expansion of customer's local devices.

2. Reliable and Stable Infrastructure

As of March 1, 2024, AWS's cloud infrastructure spans 33 geographic regions including 105 availability zones. These availability zones are interconnected through high-bandwidth, low-latency networks dedicated fiber optics and each availability zone consists of one or more independent data centers, with traffic encrypted and supporting synchronous replication between availability zones.

Each data center has backup power, networks and connectivity capabilities designed with high availability and fault tolerance to meet regulatory requirements. And allowing enterprises to confidently run critical applications on a reliable infrastructure. In this case, the MetaAge team assisted MetaGuru's BPM and HRM in planning a comprehensive backup and failover plan enabling MetaGuru to perform a complete recovery across regions and availability zones in a very short time through AWS Backup.

The MSP team even used CloudFormation to template the entire system infrastructure architecture, allowing MetaGuru to deploy to the customer environment in a unified manner. Successfully saving time traditionally spent on on-site installation and setup services.

3. Security

When establishing workloads on AWS cloud the security considerations are paramount. AWS offers the crystallization of experience the "AWS Well-Architected Framework" as a pillar of security. Providing enterprises with a guide for decision-making including identity and access management, detection, infrastructure protection, data protection, incident response, and application security.

Corresponding tools are provided as part of the solution. For example, enterprises can use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and AWS IAM Identity Center for centralized control of personnel and permissions. Use AWS Config to help enterprises plan compliance with cloud configurations (SOC, PCI, FedRAMP, HIPAA, etc. And it will be combined Amazon GuardDuty for intelligent threat detection protection with leading third-party Machine Learning to integrate threat intelligence, continuously monitoring and helping enterprises protect their entire AWS account.

MetaAge MSP Team. The Digital Transformation Assistants.

The MetaAge MSP team composed of professional architects and operations personnel provides comprehensive assistance for the cloud migration of MetaGuru's HRM and BPM systems. To building digital resilience in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

1.  Backup and Failover Planning:

The team uses AWS Backup as the core to construct a complete backup solution centrally managing backups for all accounts and regional services. MSP team also gradually discussing with MetaGuru the acceptable recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) to determine the backup and failover frequencies.

Many enterprises often overlook the importance of ensuring the normal operation of backup services. To ensure foolproof security the MSP team also monitors the health status of all backup services.

2.  Comprehensive Monitoring:

The team customizes monitoring dashboards for clients using Amazon CloudWatch. Controlling everything from network environments and machine status to software application conditions and operational logs comprehensively. During this process, the team also discusses threshold settings and alerts with MetaGuru and integrating the latest AI for intelligent anomaly detection to gain more comprehensive information.

3.  Threat Detection:

The team chooses Amazon GuardDuty as the best option for detecting any threats. Amazon GuardDuty combining machine learning, anomaly detection and malicious file discovery. It also analyzes hundreds of billions of events from various AWS data sources to help enterprises detect any potential threats early on. This includes unusual API activity, network environment port scans, abnormal failed logins, cryptocurrency mining behavior, calls from malicious IP addresses, malicious software detection scans and even container intrusion activities there all under the protection of Amazon GuardDuty. The team continuously reviews Amazon GuardDuty reports and responds immediately to ensure the security of MetaGuru's cloud data.

Going live is just the beginning of the journey. Regular review items by the MSP team.

No matter how comprehensive and secure the architectural environment is. Regular tracking and review are necessary. This is done to adapt to the constantly changing environment. The MSP team regularly conducts overall architectural checks for clients to ensure their environment is securely designed.

The team uses Amazon Inspector as a tool for regular vulnerability scanning. To identify if there are vulnerabilities in the system OS, programming languages, and packages used by MetaGuru's HRM and BPM systems. Subsequent security reports help MetaGuru understands the vulnerabilities. They are prioritized according to severity, allowing clients to more efficiently complete repairs.

The Well-Architected Framework is a classic tool designed to help enterprises design workloads, including six pillars (Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance, Cost Optimization, Sustainability). AWS provides a WA tool that allows the team to regularly review client account environments through a series of guided questions provided by this tool to helping MetaGuru maintain optimal architectural design.

Backup and failover planning are just the first step of DR (Disaster Recovery) preparation. The second step is regular restoration drills.

Only through drills can it be ensured that when a disaster occurs all personnel clearly understand their responsibilities in disaster recovery. To prevent confusion, the MSP team will develop a restoration drill plan with clients and regularly conduct drills in coordination with MetaGuru. This not only ensures the integrity of backup files but also confirms the effectiveness of the overall process to meet the designed RTO and RPO.

A Trustworthy MSP Team.

In this project, the MSP team's familiarity with various cloud tools has enabled clients to have more flexible and easily expandable computing resources. This allows clients to deploy HRM and BPM products more uniformly and quickly while also having the capability to detect threats. This has achieved the speed of MetaGuru's digital transformation and successfully transitioning the HRM and BPM systems to a cloud environment. After the cloud environment setup is completed the MetaAge MSP team becomes MetaGuru's cloud consultant through managed services. Continuously monitoring and improving the performance of the cloud IT environment, providing reliable, secure, and stable IT services.

The MetaAge MSP team is an AWS MSP (Managed Service Provider) authorized by the original manufacturer. The professional engineering team reduces information security risks for enterprises, enhances service performance, and minimizes potential service interruptions. In addition to allowing you to focus on your core business, you also enjoy the support of AWS's original technical team, ensuring that your architecture continues to operate securely and stably.

MetaAge — AWS Cloud Service Provider & Managed Service Provider.Offers 7x24 fully managed services!

MetaAge boasts extensive hands-on experience in server, network, and database management, backed by a team of deeply technical architects and maintenance teams, making it the premier consultant and service provider for enterprise cloud services.

Whether it concerns deploying AWS services, Cloud Managed Service, Infrastructure-as-code, API integration, or integrating cloud and on-premises solutions, MetaAge can provide customized designs to meet a multidimensional of needs in a one-stop solution.

Also, the MetaAge AWS MSP team has further introduced next-generation monitoring systems, providing clients fully managed and comprehensive monitoring MSP integrated services.

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