MetaAge X Athena Information Systems Helps Hospitality Industry Digitally Transform Through AWS. Strengthening Digital Resilience in the Hospitality Sector.


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This article introduces how the MetaAge AWS MSP team assists Athena Information Systems in helping the hospitality industry to undergo digital transformation by using AWS services.

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Over the last few years, the demand for solutions addressing data flexibility and security in enterprises has been increasing. In this scenario, cloud technology has become the preferred choice for transformation for many businesses due to its advantages in flexibility, scalability and security. Particularly for the hospitality industry which has high requirements for customer data security and user experience. 
The advantages of the cloud not only enhance operational efficiency but also ensure the security of customer data, thereby enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.
To address the demand for digital transformation. MetaAge leveraging its professional capabilities and extensive experience, assisted Athena Information Systems to give the hospitality industry by migrating its ERP/PMS system to the cloud. Significantly improving system stability and security.

Introduction:Athena Information Systems

Established in December 1989, Athena has been cultivated   in Taiwan for over 30 years as a leader of Taiwan hospitality information system industry. Athena is committed to providing hotels with comprehensive solutions including PMS, ERP, POS System, Booking Engine, Channel Manager and more. In the beginning, Athena started the business by providing internal system integration service to affiliated   companies.AS time goes by  , with affiliated business expanded from hotel to department stores, stadiums and other industries, Athena has become experienced in serving various industries, and has been capable of providing system services to non-affiliated companies since 1995. Nowadays, Athena owns the largest market share in 3-5-star hotel market. Our customers span over 450 hotels, restaurants, and education institutions. Our mission is to become our customers's best business partner, fostering sustainable cooperation, establishing ourselves as a top brand in the domestic and international hospitality software market. 

The Current State

When managing traditional on-premises ERP, PMS and databases, businesses often spend more time addressing issues related to physical infrastructure than system-related problems. This not only consumes a significant amount of the IT team's time and resources but also impacts the normal operation of the business. Athena Information Systems is one such company that, after transitioning to cloud services for digital transformation, not only saved a considerable amount of labor costs and time, also increased the flexibility of business operations.

However, as companies place increasing importance on data security and backup, traditional backup solutions have become insufficient. Facing threats such as ransomware attacks or other catastrophic risks, businesses require more advanced and secure data protection measures. Therefore, MetaAge assisted Athena in establishing a disaster recovery solution on AWS, offering remote backup capabilities.


Cloud Adoption For Athena A6 ERP. Providing further added value to companies.

Traditional ERP systems are often run on a company's local servers, requiring substantial hardware resources and demanding high network bandwidth. However, with the maturity of cloud technology, ERP systems can be moved to cloud platforms, offering a better user experience. This shift can reduce the demands of on-premises hardware resources and network bandwidth, enabling businesses to more easily handle peak traffic volumes.

Migrating ERP to the cloud also brings more flexible usage scenarios. Employees can access the ERP system at anytime, anywhere, by simply using a web browser or by installing the client application. This flexibility  allows businesses to extend specific ERP functionalities to more devices and use cases, including mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. Regardless of where employees are, they can easily access the ERP system, improving working efficiency.

With the cloud migration of ERP, businesses can customize the appearance and URLs of their ERP system, integrating brand value and image into the ERP system to create a unique cloud-exclusive ERP access portal. This customization enhances the corporate identity and provides a seamless, branded experience for users navigating the ERP system in the cloud. 

The service cases of MetaAge MSP

1. Cost Savings and ERP Cloud Migration Planning
In the process of seeking cloud migration for their ERP system, Athena Information System initially considered cloud solutions from other competitors, which involved considerably high costs. However, with the professional assistance and planning from MetaAge, not only was the ERP successfully migrated to the cloud, but it also resulted in a significant cost reduction of nearly 27%, substantially lowering the original investment costs.

2. Implementing a Remote Backup Solution
Previously, Athena used local snapshots as their data backup strategy, which required scheduling snapshots during off-peak hours to avoid affecting system performance or user experience. This approach posed a risk of potential data loss up to 24 hours and, in case of system issues, necessitated direct contact with Athena's IT team for support, making the recovery process cumbersome and time-consuming. 

Typically, it took about 12 hours to complete, from reinstalling the operating system to data recovery, consuming significant human   resources and causing delays. To address these challenges, MetaAge helped Athena Information System introduce a remote backup solution using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, achieving cross-regional backup that is hard to accomplish with on-premises environments. This not only enabled one-time data restoration but also significantly shortened the data recovery time from 12 hours to 2 hours with enhancing data resiliency .

3. Crafting the Best Experience in the Hotel Industry
During the collaboration, MetaAge thoroughly researched by interviewing various major hotels and analyzing their operation systems. This allowed MetaAge to gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the collaboration between related systems in the hotel industry. By utilizing the design principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. MetaAge built a flexible and stable cloud architecture. Providing the best user experience for the hotel industry and ensuring the smoothness and success of the entire migration process.

4. Ensuring System Security
The MSP team used Amazon GuardDuty to help detect any malicious behavior in the ERP/PMS and to identify potential security threats, such as access from malicious IPs or unauthorized activities. Thereby protecting accounts and workloads. The team continuously reviewed reports from Amazon GuardDuty and responded immediately to ensure the security of the ERP/PMS.

In addition, the team also used Amazon Inspector to perform automated security assessments on the ERP/PMS system. Looking for software vulnerabilities and unexpected network risks and provided reports and recommendations to help Athena complete system repairs more efficiently.

5. Achieving Automated Deployment and Management
The MSP team used AWS CloudFormation to create infrastructure templates for system automation deployment on AWS and the same set of templates could be reused in different environments. This allowed Athena to deploy systems to customer environments in a unified manner quickly. 

When business needs changed, it was only necessary to adjust the parameters in the template without complex operations greatly improving development and construction efficiency and ensuring the smoothness of the deployment process.

6. Real-time Monitoring. Maintaining System Health
The MSP team used Amazon CloudWatch to instantly grasp the status of instances network traffic, storage reads and writes and to collect and monitor various indicators. If any anomalies were discovered the team could react immediately. During this period, the MSP team noticed a short-term rise in the CPU of Athena A7 PMS and immediately reported it to Athena personnel. Upon investigation it was found that an abnormal situation in the database caused this which was swiftly resolved in a short time. Allowing customers to quickly return to normal use.


MetaAge MSP not only provides immediate assistance with customer usage issues but also continuously monitors the condition of customer machines and always ensuring the best user experience for customers.


Through the rich experience of Athena Information Systems, MetaAge can offer operation structures and modes of operation that are more closely aligned with the needs and practices of the hotel industry.

Athena Information Systems existing systems have also undergone digital transformation design and testing during this process to enabling more stable operation on the AWS cloud. This allows hotel operators to achieve higher system reliability and through the flexible use of the AWS cloud environment to enhance their system security and digital resilience.

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Also, the MetaAge AWS MSP team has further introduced next-generation monitoring systems, providing clients fully managed and comprehensive monitoring MSP integrated services.

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