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The MetaAge digital AWS service team has obtained the AWS Well-Architected partner qualification in 2021, and its professional consultant team provides customers with AWS Well-Architected Framework best practice solutions. The solutions include customized AWS Well-Architected implementation process design, exclusive interview plan, AWS Well-Architected implementation status report, related architecture risk elimination suggestions, and technical service solutions to assist customers in improving architecture and professional consultants. Through the combination of AWS Well-Architected and MetaAge Digital, we can help customers build or improve their cloud architecture and can optimize the company's internal operation status.

What is AWS Well-Architected?

What is AWS Well-Architected?
Here is a quote from an introduction from the "AWS WELL-ARCHITECTED System Architecture Refinement Practical Workshop" held by AWS in October 2022:

After years of assisting customers to design and review up to thousands of customer system architectures, AWS has accumulated a lot of experience to help us establish a method for evaluating system architectures in the AWS cloud environment, which we call the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This method can not only help customers identify the areas that need improvement, but also convert them into objective and quantitative effective reference data. AWS Well-Architected Framework covers six different areas, helping customers evaluate and build cloud systems with low maintenance costs, security, stability, reliability, high performance, affordability, and sustainable business characteristics. In 2021, AWS will launch the Well-Architected Framework workshop to help customers effectively understand the core concepts of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, and help you quickly conduct preliminary architecture assessments to obtain immediate and effective system improvement suggestions.
Taken from the AWS WELL-ARCHITECTED System Architecture Refinement Practical Workshop event page | URL:

During AWS Well-Architected, two interviews will be conducted by professional architects and users. According to different pillars, management, financial, technical, and other roles may be required to join, or they may have the right to decide the decision-making aspects of the pillars. role to join for the interview. Through the interview and question-and-answer process, architects can understand the customer's current situation and fill it in the AWS Well-Architected Tool; and the AWS Well-Architected Tool is like a questionnaire system, in addition to allowing the architect to record the customer's situation, it will be conducted in the form of true-false type questions, and finally the system will aggregate the results of the answers to generate an AWS Well-Architected report, and the report will show which sub-project among the six pillars may cause risks, show the risks, provide optimization suggestions, recommended AWS services and AWS also can provide related support to fix risk in AWS Well-Architected tool.

The Six Pillars of AWS Well-Architected

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As mentioned in the introduction, AWS launched the AWS Well-Architected tool in 2021 to help customers make immediate and effective system improvements and provide advice; Tools can also be of great help.

At first AWS Well-Architected designed five architectural pillars: "Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization"; and in 2022 With the addition of the sixth architectural pillar, Sustainability, we will now introduce the implementation concepts of these six pillars.

1. Operational Excellence Pillars: 

Focus on assessing operational governance and rule setting
a. At the corporate governance and cultural level, whether the assessment is adequate for any situation, and whether the relevant personnel with responsibility and responsibility have complete policy rules.
b. Whether the relevant systems and cloud environments are monitored, and procedures are set up to understand their operational status.
c. Is there a complete set of processes to control the environment, software deployment and changes, and if there is any risk in the process, is there any control method?
d. Continuously optimize all processes and operating models.

2. Security pillars:

Information security incidents do not only exist in the system, the operation of people and machines is also very important
a. Design rules to ensure safe operation of people and machines and to manage permissions.
b. Predict, investigate, process immediately, and protect in advance to avoid any information security incidents.
c. Securely protect any system, data, data in transit, and classify sensitive data.

3. Reliability pillars:

We need to make sure everything is reliable, and we must plan ahead
a. Whether the system is designed with sufficient reliability? Could it avoid any failures?
b. Monitor the reliability and stability of any system and test it when appropriate.
c. Focus on backups and have processes in place for system changes to ensure everything can be recovered.
d. The system must have sufficient ability to face changes in the environment and have the resilience to any emergencies.

4. Efficiency Pillars:

Re-examination of effectiveness and efficiency to ensure that every resource is properly utilized and avoid waste
a. Monitor whether the architecture of the system and the selected resources are efficient and have the lowest cost.
b. The storage cost of storage and database is expensive, and it is necessary to be able to deploy the storage plan appropriately.
c. Everything is transmitted over the network, but also to avoid low performance due to the network
d. Consider using the newer, more cost-effective system and weigh the benefit of the improvement

5. Cost Optimization Pillars:

All operations in the cloud will incur costs, and how to reduce costs becomes the biggest issue
a. Manage financials for the cloud and forecast it.
b. Monitor usage, turn off unnecessary resources, to avoid unnecessary cost waste.
c. Before enabling any resources, assess the associated costs to avoid getting out of control.
d. AWS Service pricing by volume, by times, or by subscription, choose the proper pricing model to save costs.

6. Sustainability Pillars:

The sustainable development of human beings and the earth is the biggest issue today.
a. Using a cloud environment, you can also understand and use related green energy resources near AWS facilities.
b. To maintain momentum, the company must be sustainable.
c. Turn off the lights when leaving will avoid resources wasting; just like unnecessary cloud resources, turn them off at will, saving money and environmental protection.

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MetaAge Digital - Tailored Well-Architected Interview

Conducting a full AWS Well-Architected interview for each of the six pillars can be time-consuming, ranging from one to three hours for a single pillar. Why does it take time? Because these six pillars will be divided into different "focus" for the topic, each focus has several different topics, in addition to the topic, there are additional records that need to be filled in for the special situation of the customer, and these topics often need to be integrated When interviewing people from different departments, it is not always possible to cooperate with each other in terms of time. At the end of an interview, it is necessary to integrate the above general projects, plus the content of the external records to analyze and generate additional reports, so that AWS and architects can provide the corresponding solution is time-consuming in the process.

However, in view of the time-consuming situation, MetaAge Digital integrates long-term interview experience and tailor-made interview plans for customers. Before proceeding, we will understand the following points in advance:
1. What topic that customers focus on?
2. What do they wants?
3. When they can cooperate?
4. Who can cooperate with the role of the interview?
Based on the above information, we will design a set of interview plans for customers' reference, conduct an efficient AWS Well-Architected interview, focus on key issues in a relatively short period of time, and record in MetaAge's customer records system. The case information in the digital system helps customers answer questions more quickly and get a preliminary Well-Architected report to facilitate subsequent system and architecture optimization.

AWS Well-Architected is also designed with milestone functions. Those who have purchased MetaAge AWS "Cloud Consultant", and " Cloud Managed Service" service plans can submit AWS Well-Architected interview requirements within the period set by the service plan. After the interview, interview record will be added to the WA milestone system to facilitate understanding of Well-Architected items added at different time points, and to distinguish the key points of each Well-Architected report, so that customers can check back later.

For general users who use MetaAge Digital "cloud accounting" service, MetaAge will also provide an opportunity for a WA interview and provide an interview report to customers to refer to the deficiencies of the system and operation, so that customers can understand their own environment and understand whether you need more advanced service items.

Optimize Architecture x Eliminate Risk

After finishing the AWS Well-Architected interview, if you have answered all the questions of the six pillars, you will get a Well-Architected report of about 80 pages, which will record the subject attributes of the report and the status of each pillar's answers. It also lists high-risk and medium-risk items that need improvement, allowing readers to quickly review system risk and operational deficiencies as well as possible.

For these risks, there will also be suggested links in the report. The links will show the suggested actions to mitigate this risk, the support that AWS can provide, and which AWS services can be used for risk improvement or architecture optimization. Provides an introductory document for many services, allowing readers to quickly obtain relevant information.

In addition, MetaAge Digital will provide professional optimization suggestions for this report, and will also provide some improvement suggestions for the operation and discuss the plan with customers to optimize the AWS architecture. After the relevant risks are optimized to the target set by the customer, the customer can apply for a second AWS Well-Architected interview. The second report generated after the interview will list which projects have been improved and how many workload are still at risk. Waiting for processing, customers can use this to evaluate the improvement goals and priorities in the future. If customers have a maintenance contract, they can also use this to decide the frequency of subsequent AWS Well-Architected interviews or seek and add more value from MetaAge Digital. Professional assistance.

Through AWS's years of experience in cloud product operation and the AWS Well-Architected Framework generated by feedback from a large number of customers, and developed, AWS Well-Architected Tool combined with MetaAge's digital professional technical support, users and customers can more easily, and more comprehensive to review their architecture blind spots, deficiencies, and possible impact on the operation side. Through the professional technical team of MetaAge to help deal with the discovered risks and problems, so that the AWS cloud environment and company operations can be more effective. Effectiveness and cost savings can also enable the company and even the entire global environment to achieve sustainable development.

Want to conduct an AWS Well-Architected interview and get architectural optimization? Please contact MetaAge Digital.

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