Introduction of Sysage AWS MSP next-generation monitoring system


MetaAge agency AWS Cloud Service, provide 7x24 full managed service. MetaAge is very experienced on servers, networking, database management, with professional architect and operate team, MetaAge will be your best consulter and service team at cloud service.

When costumer want to deploy AWS Service, using Cloud managed Service, Infrastructure-as-code developing, API integration, hybrid cloud integration etc. value-added service, MetaAge can fulfill your needs in different aspects with our professional ability.

MetaAge Technology AWS MSP team imported next-generation monitoring system, provide customer full managed and full control MSP integrated service.

MetaAge AWS MSP Team ability:

Ability of integrated monitoring to AWS

MetaAge next-generation monitoring system can bind to AWS account, through CloudWatch API to integrated AWS, included EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, ELB, EBS and S3 etc. resources metrics.

Improved monitoring toward operate system

For popular server like Windows, Linux, Docker critical performance metrics, such as RAM or Disk usage, MetaAge next-generation system have the ability to perform the monitoring.

We also provide a better system for application of logs and performance, included Linux Syslogs, Windows Event Logs and IIS& apache Logs from web server, analyze critical logs to make alerts of it. Manage and monitoring customer AWS resource in a better way.

Ability to check and analyze abnormal situation

MetaAge MSP team have great experience to help our customer monitoring their resources, using CloudWatch to preform abnormal detection. We help customer to build the abnormal detection model and continuously optimize it, to find the sweet spot between under alert and over alert.

MetaAge MSP Monitoring system can also detect abnormal situation, like CPU utilization is too high or too much network flow, it will trigger alert before system go down.

Our abnormal detection method use RPCA and matrix multiplication algorithm. It can detect website connection, application response time, web server connection latency, server memory, disk usage, network usage and crucial AWS performance metrics abnormal. Forecasting trends quarterly and trigger alert to notify MetaAge MSP team to react.

Ability to forecast future usage

MetaAge MSP team have experience on building forecast model according customer AWS resource. For customer’s AP server, we use Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling to forecast future pattern, determined periodic usage and according it to preform auto scaling.

MetaAge next-generation monitoring system also have ability to forecast AWS resource metrics. For EC2 and RDS, it can forecast the following month CPU usage, confirm CPU credit ready for EC2 instance Type T series burstable performance instances, and ensure customer Type T series instance availability continuously.

For the forecast result, MetaAge MSP team also integrated robotic process automation to produce process for customer alerts, and report the forecast result may cause any risk to MSP team.

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