Basic Principles of Modern Data Analytics

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What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process of extracting operable insights from raw data. For companies, it’s about applying the right analytical techniques to identify hidden patterns and trends can be leveraged to improve their business.

Different Types of Data Analytics

Data analytics is important because measurement is the key to improvement. Businesses use data analytics to improve their products and services, better cater to their customers, and diagnose problems within their organization. In a business context, data analytics can be broadly classified into four distinct categories:

Why Choose Pure Storage for Modern Data Analytics?

For businesses, big data can be a gold mine from which to extract a competitive edge. Unfortunately for most, this data is often locked in legacy silos, warehouses, and data lakes, which leads to an inability to gain quick insight, restricting innovation, and complicating IT operations.
What’s needed is a modern data infrastructure that is agile and powerful enough to keep up with today’s big data analytics platforms and algorithms. That’s why Pure Storage® has partnered with Splunk, Elastic, and Vertica to deliver a Modern Data Experience™ with modern analytics.
Perks of powering your analytics with Pure include:
•    All the benefits of 100% NVMe storage arrays, including massive parallelism and speed
•    A simplified data management system that combines cloud economics with on-premises control and efficiency
•    An Evergreen™ architecture that enables non-disruptive upgrades without downtime or data migrations

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