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In 2023, a new trend of basketball emerged, capturing the attention of everyone, particularly after Jeremy Lin joined team Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers in the P. LEAGUE+, his presence elevated the excitement and interest to another level. Jeremy's remarkable performance in the P. LEAGUE+ included extraordinary plays, such as achieving a significant record of a "Triple-double with over 50 points." This achievement even surpasses that of the MVP of the year. 

When the record was achieved, attention and discussion continued to rise throughout the entire night. However, the P. LEAGUE+’s website encountered new challenges. Initially, at the beginning of the night, the website experienced slowdowns due to the high traffic during peak times. As the matches became increasingly intense, the website eventually reached a point of complete shutdown because of the overwhelming number of fans trying to access it.

To ensure performance of the website and enable continuous access to relevant information for the fans, P. LEAGUE+ partnered with the third party website provider “Nextern Digital” collaborated with “MetaAge”AWS MSP managed services team. This cooperation aimed to enhance the website’s performance and address the challenge posed by the increasing website traffic.

The official website of P. LEAGUE+ is built on AWS Cloud Service, offering a variety of match information and additional services. Users can access detailed league and team statistics, purchasing tickets, and enjoy various broadcasting options, including real-time text broadcast and player box scores. During weekend matches, there was a significant surge in website traffic, particularly after the 4th quarter. Many users visited the website to inquire about scores and player data.

Afterward, the senior solution architecture team at MetaAge discovered that a portion of the website accesses was generated by web crawlers, leading to a database load. In response to this situation, MetaAge and Nextern Digital engaged in an extensive discussion with P. LEAGUE+ to devise a project for improving the AWS architecture. The objective was to address the issue effectively and optimize the website's performance.

Introduction of customer:

P. LEAGUE+ is a Taiwanese men’s professional basketball league, the first league founded after Chinese Basketball Alliance. Until now, six team have joined P. LEAGUE+, they are Taipei Fubon Braves, Taoyuan Pauian Pilots, Hsinchu JKO Lioneers, Formosa Taishin Dreamers, New Taipei Kings and Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers.

During the latest matches of quarter, each team has showcased their strengths and competitive edge throughout the competition. Team Taipei Fubon Braves has become the first champion ship of P. LEAGUE+ in history. They are also prepared and determined to pursue three consecutive championships in the upcoming quarter. On the other side, Taoyuan Pauian Pilots, Formosa Taishin Dreamers and Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers have delivered incredible performances in the league, creating numerous memorable and thrilling moments that have left fans astonished and filled with excitement.

( 圖片擷取自 P. LEAGUE+ 官網 : © P. LEAGUE+) 
(Image from P. LEAGUE+ official website link: © P. LEAGUE+)

“With roots in this land, listen calls from all fans.”

The new official website of P. LEAGUE+ was on its way, ready to be launched, As an important platform in professional basketball world in Taiwan. The website aimed for local market and taking opinions from local fans. It offers all-rounded information of the league, including game schedules, team rosters, players status etc... Fans will have the opportunity to easily access information about the local basketball league, allowing them to stay connected and follow the updates more effortlessly.

The new website offers multiple avenues for interacting with fans, allowing them to delve deeper into the core values of P. LEAGUE+. They can explore the league's distinctive play style and discover the stories behind each player, which further enhances their understanding and appreciation of the league's brand image. Additionally, the website provides opportunities to participate in events and purchase tickets, making it easier for fans to immerse themselves in the world of professional basketball.

The launch of the official website of P. LEAGUE+ demonstrates the league’s commitment to prioritizing the needs and opinions of its fans. This website offers a convenient platform for fans to an information and engage in interaction experiences. By joining P. LEAGUE+, fans can fully experience the allure of the professional basketball league and become witnesses to the brilliance of the league’s players and teams. Come and be a part of P. LEAGUE+ as we embark on this exciting journey together. 


Third party provider: Nextern Digital

“Nextern Digital”specializes in various services related to digital solutions. They offer expertise in website development, provide SI system website and business system development, website visual design, UI component design and more customized services. With their knowledge and experience, Nextern Digital collaborates with organizations to deliver tailored solutions, helping the, achieve their digital goals and enhance their online presence. 

Nextern Digital focus on creating gorgeous and intuitive user interface and fitting customer’s brand image in it. Nextern Digital have latest technics in website development, ensure the performance, consistency and security of websites. Other than website development, they offer business system implement and manage platform development and more services, to assist customer implement a completed online business solution.  

Nextern Digital has earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service, valuing effective communication and cooperation with their clients. They prioritize building long-term partnerships and meeting the specific needs of their customers. Nextern Digital strives to foster a collaborative environment, working closely with clients to deliver solutions that align with their goals and objectives.

MetaAge MSP service catalog 

MetaAge AWS MSP Team expertise AWS monitoring service for analyzing the trends in website traffic, include HTTP status of website. To identify the underlying cause of the website disconnection issue, we employed AI tools for in-depth analysis. Based on the findings, we made necessary improvements to the AWS architecture. Include: 

MetaAge MSP leveraged AWS services and their extensively trained machine learning models to detect abnormal behavior within the database. Simultaneously, we employed a lightweight database performance collection solution such as Amazon RDS Performance Insights. This allows us to identify the command with the highest performance cost without impacting the original database performance. The information gathered is then shared with Nextern Digital, the website developers, to aid in making improvements and optimizing the website's performance.

MetaAge MSP took a comprehensive approach to monitor the website and its data. We leveraged AWS AI tools, such as Amazon DevOps Guru, to analyze error logs and establish connections when the website experiences downtime. By collecting and monitoring logs from the application layer, MetaAge MSP successfully identified the root cause of the disconnection issue. This proactive and in-depth analysis enabled them to address the underlying problems and ensure the continuous operation of the website. 

MetaAge MSP utilized AWS Service, specifically Amazon GuardDuty, which leveraged machine learning models to accurately identify potential malicious activities. Upon detecting an ongoing SSH brute force attack, MetaAge MSP promptly took action by employing AWS security-related services such as Amazon VPC Security Groups to block the attack.

In conclusion, MetaAge MSP monitored the trends and performance of website traffic, identifying peaks and troughs. Based on these observations, we implemented horizontal scaling by expanding or contracting resources accordingly. This approach aims to enhance user experience during peak periods while optimizing resource allocation. During troughs, we minimized costs by scaling down resources. Additionally, the MetaAge MSP team keeps monitoring and analyzing sources attempt to access the website, proactively identifying and evaluating malicious activities such as web crawlers and abnormal access sources. Appropriate measures was taken to restrict and mitigate these threats, ensuring the security and stability of the website. 

After optimization by MetaAge MSP:

Related data – 4/23 traffics when Jeremy got triple-double with 50 points (Pic. No.1):

After taking over the management of the website, MetaAge MSP quickly identified the underlying cause of the frequent disconnections. Within a span of two weeks, we successfully resolved and optimized the issues. During a significant event when Jeremy achieved a triple-double with 50 points, the website experienced an overwhelming influx of traffic, reaching a peak of 9000+ requests per minute.

Related data – 4/23 error code number when Jeremy got triple-double with 50 points (Pic. No.2)​​​​​​

Based on the AWS monitoring data for HTTP error metrics (pic. No.2), it is evident that the occurrence of HTTP errors significantly decreased after MetaAge MSP took over the management of the website. Despite initial challenges, the website's performance improved notably. Furthermore, during the most recent weekend on April 14th, the website experienced lower traffic compared to the day when Jeremy achieved a triple double. This improvement demonstrates the significant enhancements made by MetaAge MSP, resulting in a remarkable improvement in user experience on the website.

Related Data – Database CPU Utilization for MetaAge MSP managed. (Pic. No.3):

Prior to MetaAge MSP taking over the management of the website's database, the CPU utilization reached nearly 100% at peak times (Pic. No.3), resulting in website crashes. However, after implementing optimization methods such as SQL query optimization in collaboration with Nextern Digital, as well as implementing DB read-write separation and horizontal expansion of DB readers during matches, the CPU utilization of the database significantly improved. On the day when the triple-double was achieved, the DB CPU utilization dropped to 21.4% (Pic. No.4). 

MetaAge is delivering a 24/7 continuous monitoring service that is certified with ISO27001. With a focus on customer satisfaction, MetaAge utilizes AI technology to enhance its monitoring capabilities, continuously improving customer service. This includes proactive detection and resolution of potential problems and leaks, effectively mitigating security risks. By optimizing service performance, MetaAge minimizes the possibility of interruptions, enabling customers to maintain stable and consistent systems. Ultimately, MetaAge's goal is to facilitate customers in achieving their business objectives while ensuring the highest levels of security, performance, and reliability.

MetaAge AWS MSP team lead in next generation monitoring system, providing customer a fully managed and monitoring MSP integrated service.

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