A use case of the coexistence of high stability and the convenience of operations - Hooray Integration Refactor Migration


Sysage Technology has officially become an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in February 2021, providing professional AWS cloud consulting services and bringing more value-added services to enterprises and startups.

In addition to assisting customers deploying different cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, Sysage also provides value-added services such as Managed Service, Infrastructure-as-code(IAC), API integration, cloud migration, and cloud-to-ground integration. Several customers have built trust in Sysage with the managed service provided. One of the successful case studies is with Hooray Integration. The customer started from a migration plan and worked with Sysage through the architecture design, stability optimization, the introduction of high-availability design, the use of cloud hosting services, and finally, Sysage assisted in improving system security and achieved cloud-based digital transformation for customers. (The following is a detailed example description)

Hooray Integration makes good use of its essential techniques and advantages on providing value-added network, hardware and software systems, and hardware equipment solutions to well-known international brands such as Dell EMC, VMware, Veeam, etc. Hooray also provides its customers with consulting services, software and hardware system planning and construction to perfect after-sales services.

Hooray’s official website originally deployed on-premises had been used for a long time and failed to meet Hooray's newly established IT regulatory standards: high availability, security, and other indicators, so Hooray decided to improve the official website and its information system. Hooray first considered using their most familiar method by increasing the resources of the local official website server. However, the original plan did not work due to the time conflict between the relevant personnel and the hardware delivery schedule impacted by the pandemic. In order to improve the overall security and stability of Hooray's official website and systems, also to comply with the company's internal regulations, Hooray finally decided to migrate the website and system to AWS, attracted by security services and the high-availability environment provided by AWS. Also, migrating to AWS allows Hooray to centrally control and manage its logs to lower the cost of storing logs on-premises.

The first step to establishing the official website was to migrate the original virtual machine to AWS EC2, then increase the number of EC2 instances with Auto Scaling Group in two availability zones to ensure its high availability. Auto Scaling Group can automatically adjust the number of instances according to the usage and other indicators. With the instances set up in different Availability Zones, the official website remains functional even when one of the Availability Zones fails. Next is to lower the workload for the instances and lower the cost by using Amazon CloudFront to reduce the direct access to EC2.

After migrating to the cloud, Sysage also assisted Hooray to take advantage of AWS with splitting and migrating the MySQL Server from the Web Application Server to RDS, an AWS managed service, increasing its reliability, resource utilization, and reducing personnel expenses. At the same time, thanks to the function of RDS multi-AZ, RDS instances are duplicated to other AZs to achieve availability and achieve the goal of remote backup.

In terms of security, Sysage chose to use AWS WAF. Traditionally, WAF is a seven-layer website firewall that protects Web applications from common network attacks. AWS provides WAF service at the SaaS level, which means the customers do not need to manage the hardware and version, but only need to update the relevant WAF policies, saving a lot of capital expenses.

As of monitoring, Sysage installed CloudWatch Agent for Hooray's Web and DB to monitor Memory, Disk Usage, and Linux Event Log Collect. Set CloudWatch Alarm to send a notification to the customer through Amazon SNS when the metrics exceed the specified threshold. Finally, use CloudTrail to build Trails and open VPC Flow Log for VPC for traffic monitoring, transfer the Log to Amazon S3 for storage, and enable log integrity check for S3. With Sysage's assistance on the refactor migration, Hooray ensured compliance with its internal security regulations.


(1) By splitting Web and Database and setting up Auto Scaling Group, the stability of the system has been greatly improved. With the use of the Auto Scaling group, the number of instances can be automatically adjusted according to the traffic.

(2) The security of the system is improved through the network level isolation of VPC and the Application firewall of WAF; Web and DB are extended to the second availability zone and can ensure business continuity when one of the availability zones fails.

(3) Use CloudWatch and CloudTrail to collect computing information indicators and events in the cloud environment for logging and transfer to S3 storage, providing a large amount of complete and accessible data for debugging.

Sysage's Consulting Service helps customers confirm their needs, plans the most suitable tools and solutions for customers, provides managed service, real-time alarm processing and generates problem-solving data. Sysage also provides customers with AWS training. If customers are interested in DevOps, Sysage's development team can assist in importing the DevOps process for you.

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