Epic Cloud adopts AWS to develop a cloud accounting management platform that supports multi-cloud model



With the appeal of "Epic Cloud for any cloud", it provides public cloud services. In order to help users, simplify and optimize the management of cloud billing. Epic Cloud with the assistance of Sysage Technology adopts AWS to develop cloud billing management that supports multi-cloud mode. The platform brings benefits such as integration, real-time, and precision. 

The global public cloud market is growing rapidly. Gartner, a well-known market research company, estimates that the global market value of public cloud will reach US$396 billion in 2021. It is estimated that by 2026, more than 45% of enterprise IT spending will be spent on public cloud, compared with about 17% in 2021. %, there will be multiple growth. 

As the application of enterprises in the public cloud becomes more and more common, the multi-cloud model of mixing public clouds of different brands will inevitably increase according to the needs. It is a good application model, and it is also a powerful tool to help users master resource usage and accurately manage accounting items. 


An efficient model of single platform, instant control, and comprehensive management


Different from the purchase model of physical equipment rooms or equipment, the public cloud lease model based on usage and time brings excellent flexibility, but also because of this, the changes in expenses fluctuate greatly, requiring cost alarms and estimation management, and then make adjustments to avoid unexpected out-of-control billing amounts for the current period. 

Epic Cloud is committed to providing the integration of enterprise SaaS applications and innovative technology cloud services. The cloud accounting management platform developed with the assistance of the Sysage technology team also perfectly reflects this goal, in order to cope with the increasingly common cross-cloud, multi-cloud and advanced application mode of hybrid cloud. 

Through the cloud accounting management platform, users can get the latest usage status of different cloud platforms at any time through a single interface, including details of traffic, subscription service items, etc., and can also see the bills of all subscription services at one time, without entering different Cloud platform search. In addition, the operation functions are also simplified, including the warning notification of the total service fee set by yourself and the cost comparison of different cloud services. It can also be analyzed according to the usage status, which can be used as a decision-making reference for cloud resource allocation and adjustment. 


Complete planning and deployment in three months in DevOps development mode 

The cloud accounting management platform was developed by the Sysage Technology team. It took three months to complete the demand interview, system planning and design. The AWS deployment was successfully completed in just one week, and the follow-up online test was carried out. The key that we can reduce development time is to use the DevOps development model and use the corresponding AWS technical solutions and service modules such as Amazon EKS, Amazon EC2, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CloudFormation. 

AWS service modules cover procedures, workflows, and information concatenation, which greatly simplifies complex integration and maintenance operations such as Application Programming Interface (API) construction, system performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and the service stability of the AWS platform itself. The integrity of the system architecture also provides sufficient support for the development team. Even if the functional modules are developed by different teams, they are all under unified version control and management through the AWS platform, which is also the key to speeding up the project schedule. 

It is worth mentioning that when the data connection fails, the AWS DevOps technical solution will prompt the root cause of the problem such as field errors and can also simulate and estimate the running time of the API, which is a help for developers to optimize the program; in addition, for troubleshooting, you can helps detect the setting status of communication protocols, information security permissions and related alerts. 


Extension of technical solutions and practical experience 

The main challenge in the development process is the data exchange and authentication with various cloud platforms and cloud service providers. This is the key to smooth information update every day. Only in this way can we truly help users to grasp real-time usage and prevent the cost from falling behind expectations. 

The multi-cloud collaboration experience and DevOps development model accumulated through the development of the cloud accounting management platform can help customers overcome the increasingly complex cloud application model in response to the trend of system lightweighting, and tailor-made products that meet their needs as quickly as possible to serve. 

The Sysage Technology team itself has rich experience in DevOps development and projects and has long assisted many customers in the development of applications and services required by public cloud platforms. Therefore, in addition to the official website and cloud accounting management platform, Epic Cloud has a role in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The development tasks of the system are also planned to be handed over to the Sysage Technology team to integrate resources and improve operational efficiency. 

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