SYSAGE builds efficient and satisfactory talent journey through digital transformation


聚碩科技落實數位轉型 打造高效滿意的人才旅程

Post-pandemic engagement

In 2020, COVID-19 broke out and swept across the globe, and until mid-2021, the world was still combating the virus. In response to the changes in work style as a result of the pandemic, working remotely and in shifts, as well as the hybrid model as a compromise, have accelerated the digital transformation of many companies.

According to a survey by Willis Towers Watson, a world-leading professional consulting agency, employee experience has become more important in the post-pandemic era, with 92% of surveyed enterprises valuing the employee experience more, up by 42% over the previous survey. According to Ping-Chi Chou, talent and compensation consulting VP of Willis Towers Watson, enterprises must think outside the box when the staggered shift pattern has become a new normal and even a competitive strength of enterprises. Hence, helping officers lead reforms with the help of technology will be the key to the future success of enterprises.


50% less selection time with AI

Sysage Technology, a leading provider of professional ICT solutions, has created outstanding achievements in introducing the most sought-after AI technology to talent selection. According to Sysage CHRO Shou-Yo Yang, it usually took two days to screen applicant CVs in the past; now, with AI, 10 minutes is enough. That means an applicant may receive an interview notice 10 minutes after sending a CV.

It is so efficient because the human resources unit has digitized the description of all jobs and the data of past employees and constructed different models. Then, model screening and verification are implemented through the data learning ability of AI. Take SYSAGE for example, it has created over 300 models and selected the best one for verification. It has also constructed the talent models of industry peers for comparative study. In addition, the system can be continuously optimized for AI to select talent more accurately.

Then, the online interview process follows. During the level 3 lockdown, SYSAGE conducted over 100 online interviews, saving 50% of time compared to the past. In the past, it took two days to screen CVs before arranging interviews. By integrating AI talent selection and online interviews, everything is done within 48 hours, including accurate talent selection, interview completion, and offer confirmation. For applicants (potential employees in the future), it is an efficient and excellent job seeking experience.

Advanced deployment of employee experience with operation automation and cloud training

In addition, by integrating the solutions and services it distributes and resells, SYSAGE has automated human resource management, including talent selection, education, and retention; enhanced the work efficiency of employees through cloud communication and platform collaboration; digitized training and education courses; and built a cloud training portal that meets the needs for diverse competencies for employees to engage in e-learning and review anywhere, anytime. According to Yang, although the per person monthly training cost has been reduced significantly, the learning efficacy remains the same.

By integrating the AI talent selection of DataRobot, process automation of UiPath, Webex cloud communication platform, Google Workspace cloud collaboration platform, and Share-Guru cloud training platform, SYSAGE has built total solutions by making the best use of the advantages of individual products and services for employees to enjoy a convenient and smooth talent journey to significantly improve the employee experience and enhance employee satisfaction.

“Select the right persons and retain them!” is the prime mission of human resources departments and department heads. According to the “2020 Global HR Officers’ Vision Survey” by KPMG, 88% of HR officers believed that HR should play a leading and responding role in the face of the impact of COVID-19, with 75% claiming that HR would be marginalized in the absence of a process change, and only 37% having faith in their company’s digital transformation capability. The differences in these responses shows that more powerful technological tools and more professional services are needed to make up the deficiencies.

A quote in the French business circle goes: Love your employee, and he will love your enterprise back 100 times. In a time of changes and an era of employee diversity, how to bridge the gap with employees has been challenging the wisdom and choices of enterprises. With the aid of technology, SYSAGE helps HR officers lead the reform and find the key to success in future talent selection.

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