SYSAGE Upgrades Technological and Consulting Powers for further Business Expansion to Four Domains: Cloud Services, AI, Microservices, and Information Security



SYSAGE officially joined Qisda in 2019. Through dedicated efforts for over 20 years, SYSAGE has become the best value-added reseller of ICT hardware and software products of world-leading brands to help enterprises build best-in-class IT infrastructures.
In view of IT infrastructure such as powerful server/storage systems, network equipment, or databases no longer being sufficient to fulfill the demand for convergence, innovation, and transformation following the rise of digitization, SYSAGE sees the need for diversified IT solutions such as cloud services, big data, AI, DevOps, microservices, and so on, as well as the demand for information security protection. After having come to understand the market demands and gotten familiar with the focus of the promotions of leading foreign manufacturers, SYSAGE established a product development strategy featuring four categories of solutions: cloud services, AI data analysis, microservices integration, and information security. From now on, SYSAGE will focus on strengthening the deployment of related products and services and establish in-depth linkage with the domain know-how of individual industries.

Establishing a software R&D center to promote the software connection and conversion of four domains

According to Chien-Cheng Shih, GM of SYSAGE Products & Technologies Center, as a reseller and distributor for over 20 years, SYSAGE has introduced products from over 50 leading domestic and overseas brands in Taiwan. SYSAGE is even the leader in Taiwan’s information service market in terms of penetration, coverage, and the in-depth understanding of each technology solution. After reviewing various customer inquiries and further considering the deployment directions of overseas suppliers, SYSAGE decided to focus development on four domains.

David Lin, VGM of SYSAGE Products & Technologies Center, added that previously enterprises were unfamiliar with such issues as the cloud, AI, or microservices. Now, they are well aware of the advantages and their benefits to business operations, forming more specific demands for their use. Hence, after having reviewed all the brands it distributes, SYSAGE performed a comparative study of these demands to develop a range of portfolios for users to choose what they really need. If no suitable portfolio is available, SYSAGE will consider introducing new brands to fill the gaps in demand.

According to David Lin, cloud, AI, microservices, or information security are hot topics, with SYSAGE and other resellers and distributors all engaging in these domains. However, SYSAGE’s business deployment is still unique. First, in terms of technical service capabilities and capacity, SYSAGE’s sales personnel to technical personnel ratio is 1:1.5, suggesting that SYSAGE has 50% more technical personnel than sales personnel, allowing it to have more technical human resources to support dealers.

Second, SYSAGE has established a demo center. Besides demonstrating testing machines, SYSAGE has also equipped the center with machines for live demonstration of product functions to support proof of concept (POC) before sales. In addition, SYSAGE has set up a demo center in Taipei, Hsinchu, and Kaohsiung each, with the largest scale in the industry.

More importantly, SYSAGE has established the only software R&D center in the reselling and distribution industry. According to Chien-Cheng Shih, customized applications for the cloud, AI, and microservices are developed according to the actual needs of customers and converted into actual solutions to help enterprises solve their operational pain points. Furthermore, there is an increasing need to integrate IT infrastructure products like firewall, network, and storage products with emerging elements such as web services and APIs to meet the actual needs in the field.
In other words, corporate IT applications need more than just graphics cards or container management platforms. They are simply tools and require more conversion and value addition. SYSAGE’s software development team is the facilitator. It is worth noting that SYSAGE has devoted itself to the in-depth R&D of technologies such as containers and Kubernetes to engage in microservice-based integrated software development within the organization or for Qisda affiliates alongside related elements like networks, information security, and APIM. Besides allowing SYSAGE to accumulate rich field experience in technical practices and domain knowledge integration, the in-depth R&D has also enabled SYSAGE to turn complexity into simplicity and build a CI/CD pipeline with a good underlying microservice architecture available for direct use by developers. These are highly valuable to both dealers and end-users.

Strengthening vertical integration domain knowledge with Qisda resources

Digital technology is constantly advancing. The advancement is so fast that even dealers and users have difficulty catching up, not to mention the need to master the technology and integrate the knowledge of individual domains. Besides continuously catching up with more innovative and more advanced products, SYSAGE understands the need to progressively develop profound consulting service power.

According to David Lin, SYSAGE used to focus on IT infrastructure and provide technical support service like other companies in the industry, without realizing the need to understand the domain know-how of end-users. After entering the cloud, AI, and microservices domains, it is necessary to store more consulting service power to bring actual value to customers.

Hence, SYSAGE has recently made frequent investments, introduced new brands in Taiwan, and maintained close collaboration with Qisda affiliates. For example, the Board of SYSAGE approved the merger with Statinc to draw on its expertise in big data analysis consulting service. SYSAGE also invested in AdvancedTEK International with strong power in Oracle ERP consulting services. In addition, SYSAGE also introduced a few important new brands, including DataRobot which specializes in AutoML to enable quick modeling without the need for advanced GPU, and Synergise which is an expert in NLP for real-time data analysis.

Regarding the group’s resource integration, SYSAGE has recently engaged in close collaboration with Ace Pillar Co., Ltd. which specializes in OT integration for manufacturing industries to jointly develop and integrate smart manufacturing solutions to provide manufacturing industries with complete application solutions. More importantly, engaging in the solution integration of Qisda affiliates enables SYSAGE to develop powers in IT, CT, and OT integration and progressively enrich its domain knowledge in the vertical integration of various industries including manufacturing, energy, catering, retail, and healthcare.

According to Chien-Cheng Shih, SYSAGE added the new brand SecurityScorecard to its distribution business, an information security solution with non-intrusive data collection and analysis technology. This means it requires neither a probe nor an agent to effectively mine the information security problems buried deep in enterprises. In the cloud domain, SYSAGE provides enterprises and dealers with the integration of SaaS applications with cloud services using innovative technology through its subsidiary Epic Cloud to accelerate commercial operation and digital transformation for enterprises.

In terms of distributing and reselling branded products, software development, and integration of the different domains of Qisda affiliates, SYSAGE is more than an ordinary distributor and reseller of branded products. Instead, it has evolved into a provider of product portfolios and service packages that meet customer needs more closely in the above four domains.

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