SonicWall Launches New NSa Series


After 35 days of testing and the completion of 1,741 total tests, the multi-engine SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) sandbox service, with Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection™ (RTDMI), received a perfect score in the latest ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense test for Q1 2021. Even our closest competitors can’t reach this level.


Just as we have seen in our threat reports, real-time updates, and news reports, our customers are facing more severe cyber threats than ever before. This requires defenses against more and more known and unknown cyberattacks.


To help customers achieve this, we have announced the expansion of new products, services, and toolsfor our Boundless Cybersecurity. Based on the new functions and performance of our 7th generation platform, SonicWall is promoting the speed, port density, and security functionality of the next generation of its most popular NSa and NSsp firewalls to help organizations effectively protect themselves in the hyper-distributed era. The products announced today include:


These products represent a big step forward for SonicWall. New NSa models have the highest port density among products in the same class. NSa 6700 even supports connections up to 40G and 25G to provide gigabit threat protection for large environments. High port density with hardware redundancy and high availability allows distributed enterprises to purchase less equipment while supporting safer connections following network expansion.


For more information about SonicWall, please read the press releases, visit, browse the SonicWall blog, and check the NSa and NSsp product page updated on our website. A complete list of useful resources is included.


SonicWall will bring innovation, sales, product growth, thought leadership, threat intelligence, and brand awareness to a new high. We did great in 2021H1, so we will continue with mutual support to help maintain this trend in the rest of the year.

SonicWall Launches New NSa Series

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