Record-high EPS of NT$1.66 for 2021H1 after Operations Expansion and Service Enhancement


The Board of SYSAGE Technology Co., Ltd. (TWSE:6112), a professional ICT solution provider, approved today (5th) the Q2 consolidated financial statement, with consolidated revenue of NT$2.749 billion; consolidated gross profit margin of 12.8%, up by about 0.8% YoY; net income after tax of NT$90 million; profit attributable to owners of the parent of NT$90 million; and EPS of NT$0.48. The H1 consolidated revenue was NT$5.742 billion; consolidated gross profit margin was 12.6%, up by about 0.5% YoY; net income after tax was NT$318 million, up by about 19.2% YoY; profit attributable to owners of the parent at NT$313 million; and EPS were NT$1.66.


According to Michael Lee, chairperson of SYSAGE, besides leading enterprises to a future of the “cloud, digitization, internationalization, and mobility”, SYSAGE will also continue to expand operations and deepen technical services to provide customers with the most-wanted hardware and software integration tools for the next 5 to 10 years to increase the added value for customers and create financial benefits to repay shareholder support.


Benefited from the massive increase in remote work in H1, enterprises realized the irresistible trend of digital transformation, with the seamless connection with physical offices being the biggest challenge. Specializing in digital transformation solutions for years, SYSAGE provides enterprises with related services and technical support, including infrastructure, network, information security, and storage, to help enterprises maintain normal operations and maintenance from the ground to the cloud and ensure high competitiveness.


Looking forward to H2, enterprise transformation and the cloud are inseparable. Besides helping enterprises to quickly respond to market changes, the cloud can help save costs and lower the complexity of the application and processing of IT. Recognizing the rising trend of cloud applications, SYSAGE is actively deploying various applications. Apart from solutions such as AWS and Google Cloud platform, SYSAGE has recently renewed its contracts with Oracle and IBM to continue creating bigger cloud business opportunities with partners in the future.

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