MSP Services

AWS MSP Services

MSP Services

MetaAge, an AWS cloud service provider and managed service provider, offers 7x24 fully managed services. With experienced in server, network, and database management and a professional team of architects and operations, MetaAge is the best consultant and service team for enterprise cloud services.

Whether clients want to deploy AWS services, further manage and operate (Cloud Managed Service), infrastructure-as-code, API integration, cloud integration, and other value-added services, MetaAge Digital has complete capabilities to meet multiple needs in a one-stop-shop manner.

Cloud Consulting

MetaAge can provide professional cloud solution consulting for clients. The consulting team will understand the client's needs, goals, and business models first, then formulate the most suitable cloud solution for the client. In addition, MetaAge can provide suggestions on technical architecture, security, and monitoring to ensure that the client's application runs efficiently and reliably.

Resource Migration

MetaAge can provide clients with services to migrate existing applications and data to the cloud environment. This may involve rearchitecting applications, changing database configurations, migrating files and databases to cloud storage, and creating automated workflows. MetaAge will use AWS services to help clients plan and execute seamless migrations, ensuring minimal downtime and minimal impact while migrating.

Technical Support

MetaAge can quickly response to the issues and questions that may arise when clients use cloud services, these issues may involve infrastructure, resource configuration, application design, and security aspects and others. MetaAge provide 8x5 or 24x7 technical support and value-added services to ensure smooth operations for clients and provide real time solutions.

Managed and Monitoring Services

MetaAge manages and monitors clients' applications and resources, providing real-time alerts and processing for quick response and resolution when problems occur. Managed and monitoring services can also ensure that clients' applications and resources run in a highly available environment to achieve optimal performance and stability.

Billing Services

MetaAge provides clients with cloud service billing management, including regularly providing monthly usage details and invoices. This allows clients to clearly understand their cloud service usage and costs to effectively control budgets and expenses.

Education and Training

MetaAge provides clients with cloud service training courses. These courses can be customized and adjusted according to clients' needs and requirements. The purpose of education and training is to enable clients to deeply understand the characteristics, advantages, and usage skills of cloud services, thereby improving their efficiency and capabilities in using cloud services.

Application System Development

MetaAge specializes in developing and establishing cloud-based applications for our clients. This may involve migrating existing applications to the cloud environment or building entirely new cloud applications. MetaAge utilizes DevOps processes to manage and improve efficiency, ensuring that our clients' applications meet high quality, high reliability, and high efficiency requirements during the development process. In addition, our application development services also include testing, deployment, and maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

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