Storage System

Storage Services of AWS

Storage Services of AWS

Storage Services of AWS are critical tools to help millions of customers to fulfill business transformation, improving agility, lower cost and innovating rapidly. Customers can choose from various storage solution to access, protect and analyze their data.

Cloud storage is crucial as it provides faster access to the storage space needed, reduces storage costs and ensures storage security. AWS supports more security standards and compliance certifications than other cloud providers, to assist customers in meeting the requirements of almost every regulatory agency globally.

MetaAge has an experienced team of architects who can create the most suitable cloud storage solution for customers based on their needs.


Object Storage

MetaAge can assist customers in creating Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), which is a highly durable object storage system with scalable and almost unlimited capacity. Customers can choose which S3 Storage class to use based on their data storage needs and set storage retention policies and access control list to determine who or what can access their stored objects.


Block Storage

MetaAge can help customers create Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS), which is a storage disk that can be connected to Amazon EC2 instances, and configured with EBS volumes, data backups and restoration. Encryption can be implemented using Amazon managed key or customer managed keys created and managed by AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to protect the security of customer data.


File System

MetaAge can help customers create Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), which is a serverless and highly flexible file storage service that allows customers to share file data without having to provision or manage storage capacity and performance.

MetaAge can provide data migration services like AWS DataSync to help Customers migrate their existing data to EFS and provide security and compliance solutions based on EFS to protect the confidentiality, integrity of customer data.


In summary, the global cloud infrastructure provided by AWS is the safest, most extensive and most reliable, while MetaAge can provide suitable AWS infrastructure design and deployment according to your needs.

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