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Security of Data

Security of Data

AWS cloud services offer thousands of industry-leading security solutions to help customers improve their security and compliance. Through the scalability, visibility, and affordability inherited from the cloud, they can create world-class products for their customers. MetaAge can provide support in multiple areas, including infrastructure security, policy management, identity management, monitoring, vulnerability management, data protection, and consulting services.

If you are new to cloud services or have concerns about the security of cloud services, MetaAge experienced consultant team is ready to address your security issues in the cloud and provide you with professional advice and technical supports.


Identity and Access Management

MetaAge can help you configure AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to accurately authorize the required AWS services AWS services and resources to employees, application, and devices. For example, developer sub-accounts will only have relevant permissions such as development tools and computing services, without having payment and auditing permissions. Through this configuration, authorization related issues can be fundamentally resolved, and when a security issue arises, the root cause can be identified more quickly, enabling faster responses.


Network and Application Protection

Nowadays, network attacks are rampant, protecting customers’ systems or applications form network attacks has become as important issue. MetaAge can help you configure multiple different services to prevent various types of network attacks, such as AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your web application from common web intrusion programs, Amazon GuardDuty to provide intelligent threat detection for AWS accounts, and AWS Shield to maximize application availability and responsiveness through managed DDoS protection.


Data Protection

AWS also provides a variety of different services to encrypt all data stored in cloud services. In addition to using AWS managed keys to encrypt data, you can also use AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to generate customer managed keys to encrypt data.

If you have purchased private certificates for other applications and want to use them in the AWS cloud environment, MetaAge van help you configure AWS Private Certificate Authority to enable the continued use of your private certificates in the cloud and securely integrate with other services.

When enterprises use AWS cloud services, they can safely store sensitive data because it is one of the world’s most secure, extensive and reliable cloud services. MetaAge provides you with the most comprehensive security solutions to ensure the smooth operation of your applications while protecting them from network attacks andensuring the security of your data.

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