Infrastructure Network

Infrastructure of AWS

AWS have one of the most extensive, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructures in the world, offering over 200 fully featured services through global data centers, including:

As an AWS partner, MetaAge can provide AWS infrastructure design and deployment that adheres to AWS best practices.


Networking and Connectivity

MetaAge can assist in setting up Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) services, helping choose the region of cloud resources, configure virtual networking, and define how VPCs interact, including cross-account, availability zones, or hybrid cloud communication.


Compute Resources

MetaAge help customers to setting up Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service, helping choose the right EC2 instance type based on your needs, create highly available EC2 groups, plan your purchasing options, and configure security groups to improve EC2 security.


Load Balancing

MetaAge can help set up Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) services, allowing you to configure ELBs to distribute incoming application traffic across one or more availability zones.


In summary, AWS provides the most secure, extensive, and reliable global cloud infrastructure, while MetaAge can provide suitable AWS infrastructure design and deployment based on your needs.

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