Backup and Redundancy

High Availability & Disaster Recovery Solutions for Today’s Enterprise Data Center

With SIOS solutions, there’s no need to learn a new availability technology for every environment or application you manage. SIOS clustering solutions are unique in the breadth of applications, operating systems and infrastructure environments supported giving you a single solution to handle your high availability needs.  SIOS software protects applications like SAP and databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and many others running in SAN-based, shared storage configurations or SANless, local data storage configurations.  SIOS solutions enable high availability and disaster recovery protection for Windows or Linux applications operating in any combination of physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

SIOS 高可用性和災難恢復軟體解決方案

Whether you need application protection on-premises or in the cloud, SIOS provides powerful availability solutions that are easy to learn and easy to deploy across all of these environments. That’s why we call them, Clusters Your Way.


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