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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that offers over 200 products and services designed to help cloud providers spanning IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services for multifield application to bring new solutions to life to solve today’s challenges and create the future for businesses. It also lets you realize quick development, deployment, and management of applications through the Microsoft global network. It also allows you develop applications with any languages, tools, or architectures, and integrate public cloud applications into the existing IT environment. In addition, it enables users to build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks at their choice. It finds answers to the business challenges you face with an Azure solution that brings together everything you need—related products, services, and third-party applications. From DevOps to business analytics to the Internet of Things, you will be up and running quickly with solutions that work with your existing investments. Currently, MetaAge is actively engaging with the following Azure solutions in the cloud market: Azure AI, Azure MSP, Azure Security, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Cloud Migration, and Azure Remote Desktop.

Six advantages of Azure

■ Scalability

Based on actual needs, businesses can immediately adjust the specifications or quantity of their services with near unlimited scalability. It brings exceptional benefits to businesses who have difficulty estimating network traffic or significant business growth.

■ Acceleration of time to market

With Azure, businesses can quickly build development, testing, and pre-production environments, access toolkits and platforms that accelerate the progress of developers, start global collaboration securely and efficiently, and promote large-scaled innovation, accelerating application deployment and shortening the time to market.

■ Effective integration of Microsoft tools

Azure supports high-efficiency integration with existing Microsoft Office Tools. Full integration of Office 365 and Active Directory enables businesses to extend the internal and cloud deployment of knowhow and consistent experience within the organization.

■ Scalability/security/compliance

Microsoft invests over USD $1 billion in security research and development for Azure to protect the business assets and data of customers through the active monitoring of over 3,500 cybersecurity experts. Additionally, Azure supports over 100 compliance offerings to proactively safeguard data and streamline compliance for customers with the most comprehensive compliance coverage.

■ Cost reduction

Qualified customers can enjoy the benefits from Azure Hybrid Benefit. It works by letting you use Software Assurance-enabled Windows Server and SQL Server licenses or subscriptions in Azure to save up to 85% over the standard pay-as-you-go rate to reduce the costs of running your workloads.

■ Data insight enhancement

The high price-to-performance ratio Azure analytics and data governance service portfolio satisfies the goals of business intelligence, data warehousing, advanced analytics, data governance, and machine learning to help businesses make in-depth data analysis to improve the decision-making process.

Services and features

■ Azure AI/ML:

Azure offers AI service portfolios tailored for developers and data scientists and integrates tools such as Jupyter Notebook and Visual Studio Code and open-source architectures including TensorFlow and PyTorch to help build machine learning (ML) models.
Representative products include: Azure Machine Learning, Azure Bot Service, Azure Databricks, Azure Open Datasets, Azure Video Indexer, Computer Vision, Data Science Virtual Machine, facial recognition API, Kinect DK, Language Understanding (LUIS), Microsoft Genomics, QnA Maker, speech to text, speech translation, text to speech, Azure Metrics Advisor, Azure Percept, Azure OpenAI, and others.

■ Azure DevOps:

With simple, reliable, continuous delivery tools, Azure DevOps helps businesses build secure and fast end-to-end continuous delivery pipelines to build, publish, test, or monitor applications more smoothly to accelerate innovation and generation change.
Major products include: Azure Artifacts, Azure Boards, Azure DevOps, Azure DevTest Labs, Azure Repos, Azure Load Testing, DevOps Tool Integrations, Microsoft Dev Box, Azure Managed Grafana, and others.

■ Azure Web:

Provides well-managed platforms to help businesses quickly build and deploy Web applications without sharing the burden of infrastructure management.
Major projects include: Azure Cognitive Search, Azure SignalR Service, Azure Static Web Apps, Azure Web PubSub, and others.

■ Azure Windows Virtual Desktop:

Delivers the best virtual desktop experience through Azure.
Major products include: Azure Virtual Desktop, VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops with Azure and others.

■ Azure Analytics:

Collects, stores, processes, analyzes, and visualize various types, quantity, and speed data.
Major products include: Azure Analysis Services, Azure Data Explorer, Azure Databricks, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Catalog, Data Lake Analytics, HDInsight, Power BI Embedded, and others.

■ Azure Security:

Protects data, applications, and infrastructure with Azure’s built-in security services.
Major products include: Azure Firewall, Security Center, Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management, Azure Bastion, Azure DDoS Protection, Azure Dedicated HSM, Key Vault, Azure Front Door, Azure Sentinel, VPN Gateway, Azure Web Application Firewall, and others.

■ Azure Mobile:

Quickly builds attractive and full-featured mobile apps according to business needs to reach worldwide customers.
Major products include: App Service, App Center, Xamarin, Azure Communication Services, and others.

■ Azure Identities:

Manages user identity and access privilege to protect devices, data, applications, and infrastructures from security threats.
Major products include: Azure Active Directory, Active Directory Domain Services, Azure Active Directory External Identities, and others.

■ Azure IoT:

Helps businesses build, deploy, manage, and analyze the data from IoT applications from edge to cloud managed platform service sets.
Major products include: Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Edge, Azure RTOS, Azure Sphere, Azure Time Series Insights, Windows 10 IoT Core Services, and others.

■ Azure Calculator:

Businesses can access cloud computing capacity and make adjustment on demand to pay only for the resources used as they go.
Major products include: Azure CycleCloud, Azure Quantum, Azure Spot Virtual Machines, Azure Spring Apps, Azure VMware Solution, Batch, Linux Virtual Machines, Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure Dedicated Host, Azure VM Image Builder, and others.

■ Azure Container

Provides integrated tools to help businesses quickly develop and manage containerized applications.
Major projects include: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Red Hat OpenShift, Azure Container Apps, Azure Functions, Web App for Containers, Azure Container Instances (ACI), Service Fabric, Azure Container Registry, and others.

■ Azure Hybrid Cloud + Multicloud:

Provides secure and smooth hybrid cloud/multicloud methodology for businesses to enjoy consistent agility and innovation whether in internal deployment, mutlicloud environment, or edge environment.
Major products include: Azure Arc, Azure Stack, Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack Edge, and others.

■ Azure Mixed Reality:

Lets businesses integrate the physical and digital worlds and build immersive collaboration experiences.
Major products include: Azure Digital Twins, Azure Remote Rendering, Spatial Anchors, Object Anchors, and others.

■ Azure Migrate:

Helps businesses migrate workloads to the cloud with the user’s guide, tools, and relevant resources.
Major products include: Azure Database Migration Service, Azure Migrate, Microsoft Cost Management, Azure Data Box, and others.

■ Azure Media:

Provides high-quality media content on all devices.
Major products include: Azure Media Player, Content Protection, Encoding, Live and on-demand streaming, and others.

■ Azure Development Tools:

Provides all-around development toolkits for developers accustomed to development with different platforms and languages to accelerate the building, debugging, deployment, and management of cloud applications.
Major products include: SDK, Visual Studio, Azure Load Testing, and others.

■ Azure Database:

Provides options for fully-managed relational, NoSQL, and In-Memory databases supported with automated infrastructure management mechanisms for businesses to save time and money and focus on application development.
Major products include: Azure SQL, Azure Database for MariaDB, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Factory, and others.

■ Azure Management and Control:

Helps business system administrators and developers to properly manage and protect hybrid cloud resources with Azure’s built-in management and governance tools.
Major products include: Azure Advisor, Azure Blueprints, Azure Lighthouse, Azure Managed Application, Azure Monitor, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Resource Manager templates, Azure Service Health, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Automanage, and others.

■ Azure Network:

Lets business internal users smoothly connect and access hybrid and cloud-native application services through low-latency and zero-trust architecture network services.
Major products include: Application Gateway, Azure Bastion, Azure DNS, Azure ExpressRoute, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Front Door, Azure Internet Analyzer, Azure Private Link, Virtual WAN, Azure Route Server, Azure Virtual Network Manager, Azure Private 5G Core, and others.

■ Azure Integration:

Seamlessly integrate internally deployed or cloud applications, data, and workflows through integrated service.
Major products include: Azure API Management, Azure Health Data Services, Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus, and others.

■ Azure Storage:

Helps businesses properly store various types of data, applications, or workloads with secure, high-performance, reliable, and scalable web storage (support blockchain, file, and object storage modes).
Major products include: Azure Blob Storage, Azure Disk Storage, Azure Files, Azure Backup, Azure Data Share, Azure HPC Cache, Azure Data Box, StorSimple, and others.

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